Medical Assistant Training School
MATS Students Admission 2019-2020 Session Going On in ASA MATS

The students who have been allowed for admission in MATS obtained 25 or more than 25 marks in MATS/IHT admission test 20 Read More

Admission Requirements

1. Minimum GPA 2.5 2. Must have Science in SSC exam. with Biology. 3. Student passed previously (2014 to 2018) can Read More

Who and Why Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistants are a valuable part of the healthcare system. Medical Assistant Professionals in this field perform administrative and clinical tasks. A Medical Assistant is responsible for the care and well-being of patients while helping to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running effectivley. If you are an organized, personable ...

Chairperson’s Message

In recent years, our country has made significant progress in areas like education for all, reducing child and mother mortality rate, increasing life expectancy and above all slashing down poverty level. In spite of these successes, state of public health in Bangladesh is still lagging behind that of many developing countries. Respectively skilled ... Read More

Principal’s Message

Welcome to ASA MATS website. ASA Medical Assistant Training School (ASA MATS) was established in 2013 by ASA, one of the leading NGOs of the world with a vision to improve health care facilities for the common people by creating quality human resource for the sector. It is a bare truth that the common people of our country are being deprived from a... Read More