MATS Students Admission 2019-2020 Session Going On in ASA MATS

The students who have been allowed for admission in MATS obtained 25 or more than 25 marks in MATS/IHT admission test 2019 are allowed to get admission in ASA MATS 2019-2020 session.


Please contact ASA MATS office (Academic Building)
Noman Nagar, South Narapati, Chunarughat, Habigonj.
Mobile No. 01723-413102, 01730-318609


Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam
Vice Principal


Admission Requirements

1. Minimum GPA 2.5

2. Must have Science in SSC exam. with Biology.

3. Student passed previously (2014 to 2018) can also apply.

4. Minimum 25 marks in IHT/MATS admission test.